Branding business – case studies.

Let’s look at some recent branding.

Branding business.

Let’s start your brand together.

Looking to build your brand?


Where do you start?

You are taking a big step and going it alone, so much to think about. ‘Doing’ the doing, ‘Selling’ the doing and ‘thinking’ about the doing. In order to have everything in place, you need an identity.Don’t worry, I have got you covered. Or I could have it you choose me to help you, like these two ladies did.

Case study one – She-Force

Nadia came to me looking for help with her new business, she is a  transformational success coach and helps females find the confidence to live the life of their dreams and give them the tools to make this possible. Nadia wants all females who find themselves stuck in a rut to know there is another way and no-one has to live an unhappy life.

Starting the process

Nadia emailed me with her brief she had an idea about colour and what she kind of had in mind. I gave her some ideas in black and white and she was instantly drawn to a design. When thinking about designing logos you may have all the creative intentions but until you see it on paper or screen and feel the design and how it connects with your business it is tricky to visualise the end result.

logo, branding, graphic design, business identity

A little sparkle

Nadia wanted to show ‘force’ so we went with the power of static, electricity, lightning. As you can see above the subtle feature of this in the ‘O’. The colours in Nadia’s pallet were orange, black and gold. The mix for a gold is not great so using styles in photoshop it allowed me to create the gold effect, I think it has worked well.

Nadia went for the full branding package as it included various options and also a brand board with the complete foundation of her brand. Fonts, inspiration, power words and the pallet.

Branding business

“Charlotte has been amazing! She created the absolute dream vision for my brand! She was so quick to respond and sent me everything I needed in no time! She completely understood everything I explained to her and nailed my branding!”

Case study two – Kate Happle


I met Kate as a fellow member of the FEA, she was putting together the final touches of her programme and needed some feedback and research to make sure she had covered everything in her programme. I instantly said I would help as I know what it is like to start a project and the need for valuable feedback.

After our online chat we thought it would be great to work together, and here we are! I am about to help with a few modules on her course as an expert and also to help build her brand and website. We both feel we have a win-win situation!


logo, branding, graphic design, business identity

The design from concept to end.


When starting out you could have a good idea of what you are looking for from the colours right down to the exact typeface, however, I like to chuck a spanner in the works and see if it is actually what you are looking for. Kate was 100% sure of the style she liked, in fact we have a very similar style that we are drawn too. Kate mentioned her love of Gill sans and French Boho. I came up with the above ideas, can you spot the Gill Sans?


logo, branding, graphic design, business identity

Let’s talk colour.


Kate had her pallet worked out or so she thought until I came along and gave her more options…

With so many options Kate had not thought of she went with a completely different pallet. Both being in the FEA we see lots of pink, grey, and glitter so it was nice to have a new look. This I believe shows confidence, sets her out from the ‘norm’.

The icon that I designed is a mix of Kate’s initials, this will be great to use alone as well as with the logo.


The launch.

As I said earlier I am a lucky one to be part of Kate’s course and seeing the branding in person as it comes through on emails is great!

If you need help with your branding or you would just like a chat please contact me and we can look at some options for your business.

Oh I nearly forgot, do you want to see Kate’s brand board?…


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