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Pastel Designs.

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Meet my other company, Pastel Designs

I love every aspect of , or should I say creating, so last year I created Pastel Designs.

Pastel Designs was a fun brand to run alongside F&R Designs. Pastel Designs is purely stationery, from wedding invitations to notecards.

I have found there are many companies that offer this service but my unique selling point is that I oversee every stage. I have hand picked the paper and the printers to make sure that my clients only receive the best quality, as that is what they deserve.

Why use a bespoke stationery designer?

This is the same as branding, when you think about your wedding for instance, do you want your guests to be saying ‘oh yes, she got that from such and such’ or would you prefer to hear, ‘I truly love your stationery it is so unique, but truly frames the day well from start to finish’.

I will be competitive on pricing but I won’t be the cheapest, but you will be over the moon with your stationery. Bespoke designs really make your event stand out.


I use the highest quality stock with various weights which will compliment everything from the invitations to the order of service. Sometimes you just need some lovely notecards to say thanks or to give your friends and family your new address, these need to look great, the receiver will keep them proud!

The printer I use is local and I can collect and send out or deliver every order so I can check that everything is perfect. I use local suppliers to keep independent’s in business and also I have great relationships with them to make sure they go the extra mile for me!

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So why separate the businesses?

Pastel Designs is a very floral and sparkly business, F&R Designs is a corporate business, so to mix the two would be very difficult, the website is designed very differently for starters, at the time Pastel Designs had an over complicated site. The way the business is marketed is very different. It is not very often that I can be sparkly on F&R Designs.

“Why not have the best for your special event? Are you not worth it? I can give you so many reasons you are”

Why the introduction?

Firstly, I am a little proud of my business over the summer I have been lucky to have been involved in a few magazine shoots. I am continuing to build upon my website (it still has a way to go) but it has such a different feel to this site. I also have my first wedding showcase at The Bath and West, this I am super duper excited about.

I also think that people who read my blog or follow me on social media also know someone that would need this side of my business too. I would be grateful if you could give me a follow on social media and spread the word a little! Looking forward to showing off some of my designs.


I just want to say thank you for taking the time to read about my little creation I can not wait to help with some of your events.

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