5 Top Tips to Create an Inspirational Mood Board

Top Tips: Mood Board

5 Top Tips for Creating an Inspirational             Mood Board

Looking to create a mood board to help with your branding?


Mood board creation, why do you need one?

When thinking of your business you have a look and feel in mind, get it on paper/digital. What do you like, what do you want to include, not just colours, patterns, textures, words, type anything you want to associate with your brand.

I thought I would pu together 5 top tips on creating a mood board that you can work with in work or home.

1: Not Just Digital

It is easy to hop on Pinterest and make a board, hey, I have loads! Go back to basics, photos, magazines, newspapers, textures, colour cards. Grab a large sheet of paper and get sticking!

2: Text it up!

Add some text! Create some drama, what words go with your brand. What does your brand stand for? Do you have favourite sayings? Mine is definitely ‘Winging It!’ I have always said I am winging it as a mother, wife and life!

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3: Think outside the box

Do not eliminate anything that catches your eye, stick it on there. It shouted you for a reason. How do you think half of the witty or clever logos came about?

“Have fun building your business you need to remember that later down the line it gets all too serious.”

4: Explanation

If someone is looking in on your mood board could you explain why you have certain things on there? resonate with your board, this will help you to truly find the right feel for your company styling.

5: Have fun!

Whilst pulling together a mood board for what ever reason enjoy it, have fun. Spend time on every detail you will love your board and the outcome for years to come.

If you want to take it even further contact me and we can put it all together. Logos, marketing and web design is my love. Let’s work together.

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