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Facebook does it work for your business?

Since starting F&R Designs I have had my facebook page and I have steadily grown with people following me but never really felt I have had a ‘wow’ moment. I was never going to get into the silly ‘like for like’ games that you see in groups, I wanted to build my page with followers that are actually interested in my work and services. I see all these posts on the internet, or emails that hit my inbox saying how to build a following. Has your business grown with Facebook? Let’s try some of the strategies together.

Facebook came into our lives on the 4th February 2004, so now we are 13 year down the line how has it changed? By 2014 there were 1,390 million users. Facebook is everywhere, on our computers mobile devices and even our televisions. To advertise on Facebook you have to be in the know with the algorithm, News Feed Director of Project Management states that the following need to be taken into consideration to show up on viewers news feeds.

  • How popular (Liked, commented on, shared, clicked) are the post creator’s past posts with everyone
  • How popular is this post with everyone who has already seen it
  • How popular have the post creator’s past posts been with the viewer
  • Does the type of post (status update, photo, video, link) match what types have been popular with the viewer in the past
  • How recently was the post published

Facebook used to be a stand alone platform that interacted with itself, now it has apps and websites embedded, thinking about the business pages, groups and everything else that is on your news feed your advert really needs to pack a punch!


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Strategy One

The ‘Techy’ advice I have been reading on the web to increase your Facebook following is very straight forward, interact.

Share your page with friends – Now this I try not to do, I don’t want to hound my friends, if they want to follow me they will, I have found that in the past I have actually hidden friends because they spam my news feed!

Post regular content – I remember a great morning I spent at a social media training session, the ‘wow, really’ moment came when the speaker said to gain a good stance on social media you need to tweet 5-7 times a day, post 2 facebook posts and blog twice a week. I must get into this practice but then it is remembering the 80/20 rule!

Comment on other pages – I always go and ‘like’ a page from my page, I like interacting with followers I do however find this easier on Twitter.

Tagging – Well this is okay but you need to have a loyal and supportive following first.

A big ‘No No’ from all the guides I have read where lots of people make the mistakes are what is called S4S, or share for share. Facebook is now very strict on this and is now black marking these pages!



“Facebook provides only the most relevant content to each user. In order to increase engagement and optimise user experience, the content shown is tailored to each user’s individual interests.”

Strategy 2

I have been chatting to Yvonne Radley from Big Me Up Media, a coach and original founder of Action Boot Camp one of the largest boot camps in the UK. Yvonne is a talented coach and mentor whatever niche you work in.

I asked Yvonne to give an insight on how she would recommend building a Facebook following here is her advice.

Pop Up Groups

One of the ways we use Facebook Groups to grow an audience is to use “Pop Up” Groups. These are groups that you create to take your audience through a particular challenge or sale. For example, last year I was one of the few UK affiliates for Marie Forleo’s B-School and I organised a pop up group so my audience could follow Marie’s training and we could all discuss it. At the end of the training the sales cart opens and you invite people to buy.

Another way you can use this is to create your own “Pop Up” group and run a 5 Day Challenge which are really popular right now. The group disappears once the five days is up and the challenge is over. You walk them through 4 days of learning and then on the 5th you invite them to buy. You can even add them to your email list too by only giving them access if they sign up first OR get them to register for a live webinar during the course. Easy when you know how!

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What next?

I am going to follow both strategies, as they are both very different it will be a great challenge. Finding engaging content and open questions is the key in both ideas. I will be back at the end of the month with a progress report.


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