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Christmas Gifts: Ideas and Inspiration

It is that time of year when the nights draw in earlier, the log fires start burning and before you know it the festivities will have begun!  You may already be panicking over the perfect presents to buy for friends and family.  Is there a graphic designer or creative you know and you have no idea what to get them? Let me see if I can help with that with this collection of gift ideas and inspiration.

1. 1000 Colours Puzzle

Is there someone you know that likes a fun challenge? They should try ‘1000 Colours’, a CMYK colour range jigsaw with 1000 pieces.  Each tile has its own individual colour and it is ever so slightly different from those surrounding it.  It could be the most frustrating yet satisfying puzzle ever! The puzzle can be found here.

2. The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog: Card Game

Not only contains every letter in the alphabet, but it is a memory game focused on typography.  It tells you the evolution of type design and helps to teach you the main typographic terms used currently. Visit for the list of places to buy.

3. Know Your Onions’ Books

Who does not love a good book? These two books are perfect for those starting out in graphic design or who have been doing it for years!

‘Know Your Onions: Graphic Design’ by Drew de Soto. This is currently number 2 on Amazon UK’s top books for graphic designers. Written and presented clearly, this gives practical tips and advice on graphic design.

He also has another book called ‘Know Your Onions: Web Design’. Written in a funny, conversational way so it is easy to digest, the book gives a great overview in designing for the web with techniques, brainstorming ideas and knowledge.

4. Pantone Christmas Ornament

From the company best known for its Colour Matching System used in print and design.  Decorate the tree with their handmade glass baubles.  Of course, they are available in many colours! You can find these on Amazon.

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“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.”

F&R Designs March 2017

5. Electronics Cleaning Putty

Need a stocking filler? Does a friend or family member get annoyed about dirt or crumbs in their keyboard, but never does anything about it? Buy this cleaning putty for them which is a specially formulated glob of goo that cleans electronics.  It is non toxic, biodegradable and makes cleaning so much easier.

6. Pallet Coasters

For something slightly unusual…Protect surfaces with these unique coasters. Practical, robust and stylish.

7. Geometric Drink Rocks

For the design conscious drinker – cool down your drink without diluting it with these geometric drink rocks. Available in an assortment of colours, made of soapstone and marble and finished by hand.

8. Wacom Intuos Tablet

Graphic tablets are a must for an aspiring digital artist. Drawing with a mouse can be limiting at times, but this gives the opportunity to be more creative and experimental – and it is fun too!  They are a great compact size and has easy connectivity to use on the go. Draw, paint, sketch and edit with the pressure sensitive pen designed for left and right handed users.

Need more options? For other gifts ideas, have you tried, or They are perfect for even more unique, quirky and personalised items. Simply search for an idea you have had or scroll through for inspiration!

Hopefully this list has helped you find a gift or inspired you to track down an idea it has given you.

In my next post I will be looking into website building and the debate between using Wix or WordPress hosts.

As always, if you need a new logo design or website or want to rebrand your business do contact me and I will be happy help!

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