Introducing Pastel Designs.


Wedding Solution.

A digital answer for your big day.

Pastel design’s wedding in a box

What’s the story?

I started Pastel Designs in 2017, a range of personal stationery. At present, it is wedding focused but I will be adding other event and general designs.

Since the popular business in a box landed I have been thinking about the next amazing deal that I could give my customers. Well, here it is…

The Problem


Are you getting married? Or do you know someone who is? Then this can’t be missed.

Have you sat down and worked out the postage for wedding invitations? Say 100 invitations, based on the cheapest version I would supply printed £85 posted first class, £65. Then if you include a menu and RSVP that could be the same again. So say minimum is £280 just on invitations alone.

Then on the day, you have a guest book, (£25) yes you could have a hardback book. A drink gets spilled and it’s ruined.

Once the day has come to an end you send out your ‘thank yous’ again £65 for postage and another £85 on the cards.

Wedding photos, everyone loves to share your special day, they relive the special moments. What about poor Auntie Mary that now lives in Australia she feels a little left out as she is a little frail.

The above you are looking in excess of £455

logo, branding, graphic design, business identity

Let’s look at Pastel Designs wedding solution.

Digital invitations, you can send to who you like and get firm answers straight away, you don’t have to worry about the postman losing them as they will be delivered with a read receipt. You can have different designs for the day and evening. NO minimum order quantity. Even a tailored email address. The designs can be seen ready on the website.

Your journey starts here, your own website dedicated to your wedding. Your engagement images starting your beautiful journey together. On the invitations you will have the link to your domain, your homepage can be password protected or in view of the World Wide Web. Your guests will be able to see the menu and select their meals. The present list will be there to avoid embarrassment, or doubling up of presents! Or if you wanted to receive money you could do that securely online directly into your bank account.

On the day, your guests will have your personal ‘#’ they will be able to go on any platform and with the inbuilt social media, you will be able to see everything that is written and every image that is taken. This again can be another private page.

After your big day, you can then send out your ‘thank yous’ and give them the password for the wedding album which will be uploaded for your guests to see. I think this part is the most important part, poor Auntie Mary in Australia, well she can see the photos too so she won’t feel left out.

If you choose to renew your domain and hosting then you can keep the memories alive forever, or maybe the next event in your life…

All this for £399 including your domain and hosting for a year.

“Don’t be the same, be better.”

Everyone loves a competition

I have gone crazy…

Because this is a new idea for me and I want to see this really take off I want to offer one lucky couple the chance to win a digital package. All you have to do is like my Facebook page, and tag your Maid of Honour, Groom or Mother of the Bride, oh and tell me which design you would choose.

The competition will run until the 30th June 2018. There will be a few conditions of the prize.

Good Luck everyone!


If you have something specific that you would like added to the above or a different design that you can’t see on the website please feel free to message me and we can work together to make your dream happen.

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