We have a new home.

Sherborne, West Dorset.

New Home.
Fresh start for F&R Designs.

We have a new home in Sherborne.

A beautiful town with lots to do.

We have moved at long last! I have spent a week without internet but back online again so thought I had better share the news.


Famous for all of its private schools Sherborne has a grand history. A great film location for period dramas, Far From The Madding Crowd, Wolf Hall, just to name a couple but there have been many more. We also have a stunning Abbey. Sherborne has many independent businesses also and they have just acquired another!

Plans for the rest of the year.

There are lot’s of them, plans that is. Being a co-owner of The Badass Network I am scouting out venues to bring a networking meeting to Sherborne. I am working with a great coach Kate Happle she is building a course and I have been asked to take care of her website and some of the units. I am working to build my sideline Pastel Designs which covers personal stationery. These are the big plans but I have lots more coming in weekly.

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The Badass Network

Since taking that step of walking all by myself into The Three Swans last September I have not looked back. My personal business has gone from strength to strength my confidence has grown and so have my connections. Tanya, the founder of The Badass Network approached me and told me her amazing story (if you have 5 minutes, pop over and have a read). Anyway, Tanya asked me and Becky to join forces and take the network to the next level. This is what we are doing daily, getting out and meeting people talking to other ladies in business.

If you are in Frome come for a network, our next meeting will be 26th June. As I said though I will be opening a networking meeting here in Sherborne.

“Networking is the underwritten No1 rule of success in business”

Pastel Designs

Where do I start? Well Pastel Designs has been sat there all on its own since last year. Personal stationery. I love making things look pretty and everyone has a need in their life for pretty things.

I built this site and contents last year but have not given it the attention it truly needs, I am working to rectify this. I hope to really give this the attention it deserves. If you are looking for Wedding, Christening, Birthday invitations then have a look. I hope to add more designs real soon.



Any more? 

So I have a few more to add to my list, do you? Or can you recommend any more? Or have you written one? Please comment below, it will be great to hear of yours.

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