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The Importance of having a Website

I cannot stress enough how having a good website helps your business – especially a small business. Have you thought about having a website but do not how to proceed? Do not be discouraged by not knowing how to create or maintain a website as it can all be done for you!

Why do I need website?

A website is expected these days and it is a center piece to your business. Your website could be a key element in securing another sale or creating a lasting customer.  It is a key marketing strategy as it is a chance to showcase what you do and improves customer service.

It is said that around 46% of small businesses do not have a website.  This is concerning as 93% of a business purchase or decision has started with an online search. Around 12% of people only have a Facebook page which they use as their website.  Whilst 84% of consumers believe that having a website makes the business more credible than others without an online presence.

First impressions

Once someone has formed an opinion on something it is difficult to change their mind, which is why a website needs to inform and grab the person’s attention!  Gaining information about a business is vital and usually the first thing people do is search online.  Revenue can be lost if you do not have a website.  People want to know about you and your business before they have even spoken to you. It can put people off seeing that your business has not got its own website. It also means people cannot identify with you and so they will not put their faith in you to do the job. Your website gives an inside look to what you do and you do not even know it is happening.  It is there to be judged, but also it has to be so good that it convinces people that you are the one to help them!

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Free marketing and online image

Having your own website is free and instant marketing and it is definitely the least expensive option.  Once set up, it can be changed and updated as often as you want!

A website can also influence what is said about your company. It may be the first thing people find about you and it needs to intrigue those who stumble across it.  Having an online presence can benefit you and makes your business look more ‘official’ and better overall. It can build good relationships with customers and supplying contact details shows you are eager to help. Having a space for reviews or testimonials also helps generate future business with others.


Want your business market to increase? Of course you do! Your business has the potential to expand further than just locally if you have a website.  Anyone, anywhere in the world has access to it. Your business can grow to a wider audience!  People buy more and more online now and if you have items to sell then they can be put on your website.  That is not only more enticing, but leads to more sales!

A website is accessible all the time, which is great because people like convenience. Rather than making direct contact with you, they will first do some research.  A website makes it easy for people to find you, learn about you and answer any questions.  You could be listed in a directory which means you would perhaps show up in Google’s suggestions, but that is a risk and still makes it difficult to find and gather information.  Simple key word tags can be added to website pages which helps promote your business from online searches too.

Do I really need a website?

Even if you consider your business to be ‘offline’, it is crucial to at least get the basics online so people know about you.  Not being able to find solid or certain information can be irritating and could mean them choosing another company.   Also, if there is no updated information about you online – someone could assume you are out of business!


A website represents your business to those who do not know anything about it or you. It can gain you credibility, enables trust and makes you look professional and reliable.  Your website should stand out from the crowd! The look of the website is essential and if you have any particular colours, fonts or pictures you want to use then your designer can add or change them easily. Fresh content is important and makes your website attractive to potential customers and shows dedication to your work.  If you are worried about writing for your website, then there are many people out there who can create content for you and your business!

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

 ― Paul Cookson.

What now?

Most check online nowadays to find a business or service. You do not want your business missing out! It puts yours at a competitive disadvantage. A website is not just a nice add on or tie in to your business, but it is a must have in this changing world.

If you were wondering whether to have a website or did not think you needed to, I hope this post has given you some reasons to consider getting one.  Do you want to improve your exiting website? Many have ideas as to what they would like to do with their website and just do not know how or do not have the time. I can build the website you want and even update the content or show you how.  I would love to hear from you with any website related questions and let me see if I can help you create a good online image!

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